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Laser Hair Removal

Unwanted hair can be a big problem for those of us suffering with it. It could even affect the way we feel about ourselves. Laserlite Clinic can help. (Free consultation with no obligation)

Laser Treatments

We offer state of the art laser (LightSheer Diode) machines. Technologically superior and advanced machines can offer the following treatments (most skin type can be treated). (Prices per session)

Treatment Approaches

The laser for hair removal safely removes unwanted body hair. Traditionally, hair removal techniques such as shaving, plucking and waxing, provide only temporary relief and may actually stimulate hair growth. Electrolysis, while effective and ideal for blonde hairs, often requires years of ongoing and frequently painful treatments. All of these methods may result in scarring, allergic reactions, and ingrown hairs.

Laser Technology

Lasers have been used for hair removal since 1995.
Unfortunately, there is no single laser or light system that is obviously better than any other - each system has its strengths and weaknesses.

Some systems are fast, effective but can only be used on light skin - other systems can treat dark skin. Only by offering all of the options can the best system be chosen for your individual hair and skin.

We operate 2 different settings on our laser hair removal systems. We will recommend what is best for you.

Laser Sheer


Frequently asked questions for laser treatments:

  1. What type of machine do you use?

    A Laser machine that will only treat dark or mousey dark hair colour (it is very difficult to assess your hair colour over the phone hence we suggest you come in for a free consultation)

  2. How does laser remove hair?

    Hair contains an abundance of melanin or hair pigment which is absorbed by our laser beam which enables the beam to disable several hair follicles at a time. It will eliminate or significantly impede the hair's re-growth.

  3. Can all hair colour and parts of the body be treated?

    We can virtually treat all body parts as long as there is a contrast between hair and skin.

  4. Is it painful?

    Most people will feel a little discomfort but certainly not unbearable. It's best described as a slight prickling, tingling warm sensation.

  5. How many treatments will I need?

    Because your hair grows in differed stages you will need 6 treatments

  6. Are there any side effects?

    No, but you do need a skin test to make sure you will not react to the treatment. This is a legal requirement by the health care commission, a government body that regulates laser clinics in the UK.

  7. Are there any restrictions on my activity after my treatments?

    After a full treatment you are advised not to take part in any strenuous exercise for 24 hours to prevent irritation of the skin of the treated area.

  8. How does laser treatment compare with commonly used hair removal methods?

    • Electrolysis: The procedure is very time consuming and it takes longer for the hair to disappear. You could be having treatments for years.
    • Waxing: Short term, non permanent, hair removal method. You also have to let the hair grow before you wax them. This is not the case with laser treatment.
    • Shaving: Will make your hair coarser and even increase your hair growth.
    • Treading: Your hair will come back coarser.

  9. Why do I need 6 treatments?

    • The hair on your body goes through 3 growing stages, namely:
    • Growing stage
    • Resting stage
    • Shedding stage
    • The best stage for treatment is the growing stage, when the hairs are still attached to the root follicle.
    • The laser is then able to destroy the hair root, which prevents re growth.

  10. How much does it cost?

    Treatments are priced per single session, but you have the option to buy a package of 5 treatments and get one treatment free including a free patch test. You can also discuss a special payment plan with laser nurse Franca.

  11. How much does a consultation cost?

    Consultation is free, which usually lasts anything from around 30mins to an hour  per session. You may need to pay for a test patch depending on your plan.

    If you are suitable for treatments, you could then go on one of our special payment plans, which allows you to spread your payments over 3 months, making them easily affordable for most people.

  12. What is the qualification of your Laser Nurse?

    Our Laser nurse name is Franca Lenders. She is a fully qualified NHS trained registered nurse with over 15years experience of nursing and over 7 years expertise in the field of laser nursing. She has a BTEC award in laser hair removal. She is an expert in her field, with a very professional, friendly approach and will design a tailor made treatment to suit your individual needs.


Laser price list

Consultation Free
Patch testFree on a package of 6 treatments.
LipFrom £29 to£49
Lip /chinFrom£52 to £85
EyebrowsFrom £20 to £40
Lip/chin/cheeksFrom £65 to £95
UnderarmFrom £60 to £88
Standard BikiniFrom £70 to £98
Extended BikiniFrom £99 to £110
Underarm/bikiniFrom £122 to £140
Brazilian bikiniFrom £100 to £122
Full legFrom £200 to £249
Lower leg or upper leg fromFrom £150 to £170
ChestFrom £50 to £75
StomachFrom £50 to £75
Chest/ stomachFrom £120 to £140

We recommend 6 treatments to get rid of your unwanted hairs. It is cheaper to buy a package of 6 treatments as this will allow you to get one free treatment hence make a considerable saving.


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